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Financial and Economic Brief - January 1, 2022

How the Money Supply is Looking as we Turn Over the Calendar

The threat of ongoing inflation may be a result of the US Government’s infusion of trillions of dollars into an economy that is currently reeling from supply chain shortages. There are a few signs that by mid-2022 cargo ships, backed-up off the port of Los Angeles, may be prepared to unload. The hope is that as product comes online prices will become more competitive and less volatile. In addition, The Fed has indicated that interest rates will rise; perhaps three times by .25% each. Ultimately, economists indicate that an increasing money supply has a great effect on increasing inflation. How does inflation play havoc on our budgets? Check out the price of a box of Hostess Twinkies in 1969 and the cost of the same amount of Twinkies today!

Shifts in the Paper and Pulp Industry Target 2022 as a Banner Year

The printing industry has been virtually decimated by technology in the form of email and website downloadable brochures, etc. Many believe that this has had a devastating effect on the paper and pulp industry. However, many paper manufacturers have retooled and concentrated, over the past several years, on providing corrugated boxes to online sales giants. In addition, packaging has become a flourishing growth market as savvy designers and technology companies provide consumers with the ultimate “WOW” factor when purchasing everything from cell phones to digital home security cameras. The real long-term question is; will small retail printers survive or will they become antiquated?

5 Steps You Need to Take If Planning to Retire in 2022

Once you make the decision to retire there are several very important steps that potential retirees should consider beyond which golf courses offer the greatest challenges or do we have something that we can leave our children. Most of it boils down to money and financial management. You obviously do not want to run out of whatever nest egg you have accumulated and you want to be aware of how much will go towards paying taxes on retirement funds that have been accumulating tax free for many years. Experts continuously advise retirees to do their homework.

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