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Financial and Economic Brief - September 1, 2021

A $3.5 Trillion Budget Spending Bill - PASSED the House

The House of Representatives has narrowly passed a huge budget while also cementing in a date to pass a large $1.5 trillion American infrastructure bill. The way the bill was passed allows a strategy in the Senate known as reconciliation. This will allow the Democrats to pass the legislation without Republican support. However, the Democrats need to hold members together because they will need all 50 Senators to give it a thumbs up.

What is the Future of the Pharmaceutical Industry?

The worldwide value of the pharmaceutical is approximately $1.2 Trillion. And, with such an enormous value and product diversification, investors should make themselves as knowledgeable as possible before considering which sectors of the pharmaceutical industry to invest in. The strategic challenges for the pharmaceutical industry are immense because technological improvements move at such a rapid pace. Business decisions within each company create even greater risks that can frequently make or break the future of a company.

2021 Year-end Tax Strategy – Start now with knowing the basics

Getting a jump on filing your income tax return should start as early as possible this year because of the many tax changes that have resulted from new tax legislation such as The American Rescue Plan and The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021. The impact of the new tax laws make it mandatory that you consult with your tax advisor. There are additional deductions and changes to some tax rates for individuals and businesses that will impact what you might owe for 2021.

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