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How to jump-start your retirement savings when you are in your 30s

by Michelle Fox at CNBC

Life gets a bit more complicated when you’re in your 30s.

You may get married, have children or buy a house. You may also still be carrying student debt. On top of it all, you are supposed to be putting money aside for retirement.

“Retirement is going to come for all of us eventually,” said certified financial planner Lauryn Williams, a four-time Olympian and founder of Dallas-based Worth Winning, which offers virtual financial services.

“Once you pass through your 20s and you are well into your 30s, time becomes of the essence.”

In order to retire comfortably, Fidelity Investments recommends that, at age 30, you should try to have one time your current salary in savings and two times your salary by age 35. By the time retirement comes around at 67, you should have 10 times your final salary saved, the firm noted.

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